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Conference Schedule

Our conference schedule will include a combination of presentations by LiveWhale developers at schools around the country; how-to sessions and demonstrations from LiveWhale and White Whale staff; and roundtable sessions on topics of general interest.  

All times Eastern.

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Wednesday, October 5

Social Event
Join us at City Tap House, 3925 Walnut St, for an informal kick off to the conference. Come if you can, but no sweat if you can’t. We’ll be hugging and chatting while munching on hors d’oeuvres and sipping drinks for a few hours.


Thursday, October 6

8:30 am
Breakfast, coffee, greetings
Penn School of Nursing, Room 203, 418 Curie Blvd.
We’ll have coffee and snacks, and we promise we won’t ask you any technology questions until you’re sufficiently caffeinated.
9:00 am
Conference kickoff​
Jason and the team will kick off the conference with a short welcome address, a preview of what’s to come, and a couple of surprise new features that we think you’ll really like.
10:00 am
Katie Keaton, Alma College
In Part 1 of the Katie Show, Katie will talk about Alma’s recent homepage redesign: the why and the how.
10:20 am
Paul Dempsey, Ursinus College
Ursinus has started a digital signage campaign around campus.  Paul will talk about how they’re going about it, and how LiveWhale is used to push content to displays.
10:40 am
Penn Law
Topic TBA.
11:00 am
Karl Hinze, Marymount Manhattan College
Karl will talk about the updates that he has made in his first year as Marymount Manhattan College’s web designer, looking in particular at the widgets he’s created for their homepage, news, search, and fundraising pages.
12:00 pm
Lunch, etc.
If you want to dork out about widgets while you eat your lunch: great, so do we!  But if you’d rather take your lunch outside and explore campus, that’s totally fine too.
1:00 pm
Laura McCord, White Whale

“Behind the Scenes at LiveWhale Support”

You know you’re curious.
1:20 pm
Ed Hillis, Southwestern University
Ed will demonstrate Southwestern’s new LiveWhale-powered Alumni Directory.
1:40 pm
Katie Keaton, Alma College
In this installment, Katie will show off a neat trick Alma’s doing with calendars and tags, used for specific events.
2:00 pm
Rebecca Hope Woods, College of the Atlantic
Rebecca will give us an introduction to COA, one of the most interesting and unconventional schools White Whale has ever worked with, and its award-winning website.
3:00 pm
Roundtable discussion:

Adventures in Web Marketing

Your website is used for a lot of things, but attracting new students and donors is one of the most important. How do you use your site for marketing? Do you use any marketing automation, or any special analytics/lead generation packages?

A few of our customers do. And others probably want to. And we’ve been on our own adventures with online marketing as we continue to promote LiveWhale Calendar to new audiences. We’ll talk about what everyone’s doing, and how LiveWhale can be part of it (both now and in the future, as we develop new ways to help you reach your audience.)
4:00 pm
Office hours 
Now’s your chance to talk about anything you’re interested in with our team.  We will be ready to pitch in and help you solve or code or strategize whatever you need.
5:00 pm
A reception with drinks and appetizers, held at Penn Law, 3501 Sansom St.


Friday, 10/7

9:00 am
Breakfast, coffee, recaps
Today’s location:

The Wharton School

Steinberg Hall - Dietrich Hall, 3620 Locust Walk
Room 1201
While everyone gets correctly beverage’d, we’ll review some of yesterday’s highlights and talk about what’s to come today.
9:15 am
Master Class

Customizing the LiveWhale Experience

You probably know that it’s possible to customize LiveWhale’s back end using CSS, custom themes, or custom modules. But it’s gotten much easier lately, and as a result, we’ve been doing it more and more.
Jason will take you on a tour of two of our newest projects to show you how we’re using back end customization to make tools that are even easier to use.
10:00 am
What’s New in LiveWhale

A review of some great new features in LiveWhale, and a preview of what’s to come in our next major release.

Lindsay Bergman, Washington College

Leveraging Alumni Stories

“This is our Path to Passion project, where we update alumni profiles with self-submitted information and then use tags to sort the profiles. I’m sure the group could also help me improve it aesthetically and even advise me on easier ways to do things.”
12:00 pm
1:00 pm
Lewis & Clark
Morgan Grether and Lawrence Siulagi from L&C will walk through three recent LiveWhale-powered projects:
  • Their new institutional homepage
  • A Day of Giving countdown timer, with associated time-driven content promotion
  • A new class notes system that ties LW forms and profiles together, saving tons of time on multiple ends
2:00 pm
Naomi Royall, White Whale

Tips and Tricks for LiveWhale Developers

In a 2016 version of last year’s most popular presentation, Naomi will present a few of the front end build projects she’s worked on this year, and give you some ideas for making the most of the features LiveWhale has (and maybe even compensating for some it doesn’t).
3:00 pm
Roundtable discussion:

Your Call

We have a few more ideas for topics that might be worth discussing as a group, but for our last session, we’d like to let you help us choose a topic.
Here are two candidates; we’ll be asking for your ideas during the conference as well.
  • Justifying Your Existence
    Do people on your campus understand how hard you work and how awesome you are? Technology work can be underappreciated and hard for higher-ups to understand. We can talk about how to make the work of managing a content community easier to recognize.
  • Training
    How do you do it?  How often? Do you use a computer lab? Do you hold weekly office hours? Is it fun? We can share our approaches to training and our experiences with it.
Closing remarks, next steps, Happy Hour!